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Important Messages

Welcome to Teen Summer Reading Club 2018!
*dont forget to take the Teen User Survey - Located on the left side of the screen for an extra 100 minute bonus!

You can log your minutes until 4PM on August 3!
All minutes must be spent by August 6th!!!!

The details:
Sign up starting June 8th by creating a username and password. You can read ANYTHING. Books, magazines, Graphic Novels, Manga, Website articles, audiobooks....

Then what?
After any amount of time spent reading, go online and log the minutes you spend reading. 1-2 sentences about what you read works!

I have read a bunch of what?
Go to the online store which is accessible through the link on the left side or by going to Order anything you see there and wait for an order confirmation email from Janae before heading to the library to pick it up.
Or log your minutes and check out the Teen Store located during select times in the library for more item selection.

How much do I have to read?
As much as you want! We don’t care how many books you read or how long you spend reading, just remember, more reading=more money to spend at the online store!

Is there a maximum number of hours I can read?
Yes! 200 hours (12,000 minutes).

Email Janae with any questions!

Don't forget to register for the fun teen programs happening this summer!

Happy Reading!

The Final Six
Alexandra Monir
It was a good, quick read, though the middle of the story seemed forced and stretched. They focused too much on the backstory, and the climax really wasn't until the end.  Want to know if Cranberry Library has this book? CLICK HERE
Surviving High School
Lele Pons
It is a really good book so far about Lele’s high school experience!!  Want to know if Cranberry Library has this book? CLICK HERE
The Girl at Midnight
Melissa Grey
Echo is a girl who was taken in by a magical being called the Ala who is a Seer for an ancient race named the Avicen. A war between them and another race the Drakharian which controls the dragons. without the Avicen leader knowing, Echo is taking place in the war. The Ala sends her to find the firebird. Finding a locket with a Drakharian symbol and a dagger leads her straight to the dragon prince himself.  Want to know if Cranberry Library has this book? CLICK HERE
Gordon Korman
This cool story is about a dog who went crazy at a dog show and was forced to be taken to a kennel. Another child snuck in the dog and trained him to win the dog show, and he planned to give the money to the child who had lost her dog to the dog kennel. I finished this epic novel in about 2 hours. I loved it!   Want to know if Cranberry Library has this book? CLICK HERE
Suzanne Collins
Though this book brought the rest of the series to an end, it got a little confusing at the end. I suppose this was as it was the first person point of view used, so whenever the narrator blacked out or forgot something, we wouldn't learn about it either. I still think that the book was interesting, as unexpected twists and deaths made the story. I would recommend anyone to read the series, it is very interesting.   Want to know if Cranberry Library has this book? CLICK HERE