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Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross grows up in the home of a carpenter. She loves sewing - it is one of her favorite pasttimes. When she was about 15, she decided to sew a sampler with the Liberty Bell on it. When she starts sewing it, she does 6-pointds stars. They don’t seem right to her. She asks her mother what is wrong with it, and her mother suggests 5-pointed stars. She can't figure out how to do them and asks her mother for help. Her mother shows her how to cut a five pointed star. Betsy, who lives in a Quaker home, writes a BIble verseon the bell and puts it in a sewing ehibit. When they go there later, a lady who had sewn a French ball gown came up first and collected her prize. Then a lady who had sewn an English style quilt comes up and gets her prize. Last of all, the judge calls Betsy up and gives her her prize - 5 pounds! Betsy thought she got third place, so she said she was supposed to get 1 pound. The man said, "No, I saved the best for last! Yours is an original work orf art - you get first place!" When Betsy is an adult, her husbad had died, and she was working as a seamstress. Gneeral George Washington came to the shop and asked her to sew the first American flag. He had 6-pointed stars in the blue corner of the flag. Betsy suggested doing 5-pointed stars and showed him how to cut them out.   Search the DCLS catalog
For biddles sake
Gail Carson Levine
This is about a girl who loved to eat parsley and her name became parsley
And later she went to live with a fairy named Bombina who turns people into toads and she accidentally turned parsley into a toad and she and somebody have to marry parsley so she can be human again and a king, to marry her.   Search the DCLS catalog
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