Greetings Everyone. It is time for summer reading. The theme for this year is Fizz, Boom, READ. Readers of all ages are invited to explore a good book this summer at the Public Library for Union County. This year's theme is about all things science - robots, rockets and really rock'en experiments. Special programs focusing on the theme are planned throughout the summer. Learn about butterflies from the butterfly man or enjoy the juggling program by Flow Circus. The goal of the program is to encourage children to continue reading and learning throughout the summer. Children from birth through age 12 can register either at the library or online. Registration begins Monday, June 2. Participants receive a reading log to record their summer progress or can register and record online. For each 15 minutes that a child reads or is read to, they get to color, cross out or check off an image. When they have completed ten hours, they bring in the certificate or the reading log and they can get a book to keep. Teens from age 12 to high school seniors are invited to participate in the Public Library for Union County's free 2014 reading program. Beginning June 2, to participate, register online at or fill out this form. Begin recording books June 9. Throughout the summer, participants can record books they have read or listened to and be entered for prizes. Books may be print-copy, eBooks or audiobooks and must be checked out from the library's adult or young adult collection.
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Children are invited to participate in The Public Library for Union County's free 2014 reading program "Fizz, Boom, READ!" and have fun while reading some of the library's great books. This year we will be recording the hours that you read or are read to by your parents or other special grown-up.
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