Mifflin Community Library: Summer Reading 2012
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Welcome to the 2012 Summer Reading Program at the Mifflin Community Library, Dream BIG! We hope that you enjoy our programs and stories all about night time. Remember, we use our theme just to offer suggestions. The best part of Summer Reading is that you can choose to read on any topic you like! Take advantage of the long Summer days to linger over a book and use your Summer nights to DREAM BIG!
Narnia is in danger,and 4 kids need to save it!An evil Witch cast everlasting winter,Aslan gets killed,comes back to life,and there is a HUGE battle.
It was funny.
This was her sister's book to read before bed. She wasn't able to read all the words so I read it to both of the girls.
Two kids named Fabio and Minette are one day "kidnapped" by two aunts.Then they find themsielves on an odd island. They are surprised to be treated so well by thier kidnappers, given good meals and a nice place to sleep. They learn that they have to keep the island's location hidden and that they have to take care of all the creatures.
Loved it! Very entertaining