Teens from the ages of thirteen through nineteen will enjoy summer fun at the Public Library for Union County. This summer the theme is "Beneath the Surface". There will be entertainment, programs for the One Book Program and of course, lots of books! It is a great way to enjoy reading over the summer. The registration for the Teen program begins on Monday, June 3 and you can start logging your books Monday, June 10. Read at least one book, and you are entered into a drawing for one of ten iTunes cards. For every three books read win a book. For every seven books read, you are entered into the grand prize drawing of a gift certificate to the mall. Lots of upcoming Programs for Teens and the One Book Program - check out the calender for details.
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Important Messages
Teens can register for summer reading online or at the library beginning June 3.
To register online, use first and last name as your user name and first letter of your first name and last name for you password (example: username: johndoe password: jdoe). Start logging books on June 10.
Throughout the summer, participants can record books they have read or listened to and be entered for prizes! Books may be print-copy, eBooks or audiobooks and must be checked out from the library's adult or young adult collection.
1) Read or listen to at least ONE book and be entered to win an
iTunes gift card
2) For every THREE books read or listened to, participants may choose
a book to keep.
3) Read or listen to SEVEN books and be entered into the grand
prize drawing for a mall gift certificate.
Students in the Lewisburg Area School district (LAHS) participate in the One Book Every Freshman (OB-F) and One Book Every Sophomore (OB-S) programs in conjunction with their classes.