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Important Messages
Attention participants: Any children going to Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade in September 2018, must create a user name and password to log books, author names and pages read. When registering we need you to enter the grade your child will be going to in September 2018. Providing an email address when registering for the program will help to recover forgotten user name & passwords. Juvenile Library cards will be issued to patrons from first grade to 17 years old requesting a card. Parent or guardian will need to have a card before signing a card application for a child. Proof of address must be shown when applying for card. Paper reading logs are available at the front desk if you prefer. Books begun on June 1st and after are eligible to list on your log for this year's program. The reading goal for Easy Readers is 25+ books read to obtain an award bag on August 25. Incentive prizes will be given upon reaching 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 100 books read and logged in. As of June 13th earned incentive prizes will be available (Free book coupons or food coupons). Please read the back of the June calendar for details concerning reading goals, incentives and attending event this summer. Be sure to use our links to view or make copies of the activity attendance sheet or paper logs. Any questions check the (Frequently Asked Questions) FAQ link on our homepage first. Any information not addressed there, please call Mrs. Santaliz for further help. Please visit the library to renew, update your information, obtain a card, or replace your card. Thank you for joining us this summer! Mrs. Santaliz 2018.

Toddler to 2nd grade: Each participant with log-in entries reaching our reading goal of 25 books read will receive an award bag from the library for your summer reading accomplishments. A certificate will accompany your child's award bag available on Finale Day. If you would like a list of your child's reading log during this summer, please print the final reading log after logging closes. Thank you for joining us this summer! Mrs. Santaliz 2018.

Call the library 610-432-4339 X209 or X203 for registration help or log-in difficulties.

Thanks, Mrs. Santaliz & Ms. Case, WTPL Children's department

Questions pertaining to all four groups: TODDLERS (6 months old - 17 months, and 18 months - 36 month), EASY READERS - Preschool (37 months - 5 years), Kindergarten (5-6 years), 1st and 2nd Graders, YOUTH (Grades 3-5), and TEENS (Grade 6-12), can be sent to Mrs. Santaliz - santaliz.L@whitehallpl.org OR 610-432-4339 X209.